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This actually looks kind of good. Here's the trailer on youtube: watch?v=MixwWiRSG4E
Does look good. Can't find on IMDB, google, or Wiki. Maybe has a different title?
Can't find on IMDB?

It's right in the description.

FYI, this ran in the 2013 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Last night, as a matter of fact.
Worst Movie ever produced, how can a movie writer/producer have so little knowledge about what they are writing? One of the biggest flaw is in a scene where the main character trying to start a boat with outboard engine tilted up out of the water... how can one be that stupid? Next she actually manage to drive the boat with the enginge tilted out of the water.. flaws like this shouldnt happen in a movie in 2013. I really feel sorry for the american People if they InFact is this stupid...
Sorry for blaming the american's here, this is a Canadian release...
The biggest flaw is a logic issue with an outboard motor? Obviously you do not watch many current horror movies if this is a huge problem lol Take a chill pill, hit, or swig of whatever it is that calms you buddy. Your 'worst movie ever produced' statement, over such a trivial issue, shows you are obviously no stranger to hyperbole and exaggeration. A/V 8/8
LOL ramyr must have be a shit-ton of fun at magic shows when he was a kid.
2.1 MB/Sec download speed hell yeah!!
Didnt say that was what made the movie awfult, that was just some Things that shouldnt happend in the year 2013, even a 12 year old would know that. Just pointed out two obivious flaws. If you think this movie was any good at all, well then i feel sorry for you, not me, cause i like to see a good movie, not something a 14 year old could make better With a cam.
And yes i hardly watch any horror Movies cause they generally sucks ass. And this one was sadly one of the many...
Wanna see a good horror movie, see The Conjuring, its one of the best this year I believe.

What how can you compare this movie with a Magic show? Or maybe the "illusion" here was that you thought this movie was good?
having seen the comment by ramer or whatever that is, I will have to see this now. If, however it sucks that bad, I wont be blaming it on details that really have nothing to do with the scope of the movie in general.. There used to be a website where you could find the mistakes and post them.. maybe the "rammer" or whatever would be best to post his/her concerns to those who give a huge pile of shit about flaws.. Bet there is a mirror on most of the walls inn that house to check for the occasional zit or two that may pop up... "must be flawless" "must be flawless".. it echos in my head now..hope I can sleep on my fucked up pillow thats 15 years old.. WOW..
with that being said and always to the u/l

Thanx mang!
Did you catch the flaw in the last post rammer ?? inn=in .. oh and I have a new zit on my ass.. DAMMIT! Good thing I wear clothes..
I love all the retards commenting on "flaws" in the movie.. Here is a flaw, get out of you parents basement and make a fucking movie yourself!!!. You cant you say, you`re broke, get a fucking job.. Have you said this in the last month"MAAAAAA I told you not to bother me when I am playing video games" ? Bunch of fucking future welfare recipients whos first impulse is to buy weed instead of getting out of your parents dungeon.. DONE..
thanks bro
After my first comment at the top, and after watching the film, I'd have to say: "give it a pass." It's okay, and the scenery is very nice, but it's a pointless movie.

SPOILER: Don't read this if you plan on watching this movie -- but there is no ghost. No monsters, no demons, just a whacked out middle age man chasing around a chubby, somewhat masculine, chick with pretty eyes.

You were correct sir.. thanx for heads up... even skipping thru this mess of a "film" to find something appealing in it, I gave up after 15 mins.
Is there such a thing as a flowing river on a tiny island in the middle of a lake ?
Well there is now. Tee hee.
Hey ramyr, she could have been drifting out to deeper waters before she let the outboard engine into the water. Christ, the fact that a 5 second clip is able to ruin a movie for you is amazing. the movie wasn't even about boats.
thanks brad... but... i need subtittles :(